Who Are We

KARSAN PHILANTHROPIC FOUNDATION is a non-profit charitable trust committed to the welfare, empowerment and improvement of the

  • Distressed children who are in despair (from slums/railways stations/red light areas)
  • Aged in distress by providing them food/medicines/shelter/garments
  • Providing skill based education & training to the educated youth, both boys & girls, to empower them to get employed in the private sector where skills and knowledge play a vital role on the pre-condition factor
  • Vocational training for the women to empower them to maintain their own selves and be self-sufficient
  • Organizing workshops, seminars, events and programs to create awareness of the above impending challenges of the society in general

The trust has been founded in December 2015 with the sole motivational passion of philanthropy and is a helping hand to people in despair and distress across various walks of life.